Centre for Chinese Legal Studies


Friendship Award 2023

Dr. Sikander Ahmed Shah, Director of the Centre for Chinese Legal Studies (CCLS) and an Associate Professor at the Shaikh Ahmed Hassan School of Law (SAHSOL), LUMS, was awarded the prestigious Friendship Award 2023 by the Consul General of the People's Republic of China, H.E. Zhao Shireen. The award ceremony highlighted Dr. Shah’s pivotal role in promoting Chinese culture, language, and legal studies, along with his diverse contributions to academia and research, celebrating his significant role in strengthening the bonds between LUMS and the Chinese Consulate.

Strengthening Ties with the Chinese Consulate

H.E. Consul General Zhao Shiren pledged support for various CCLS initiatives during the celebration of the Chinese Lantern Festival, hosted by CCLS. The event was attended by foreign dignitaries, members of the Chinese community, and students and faculty of LUMS. As a symbol of solidarity and friendship, Dr. Tariq Jadoon, Provost, LUMS, accompanied the Consul General and planted a tree outside the Shaikh Ahmad Hassan School of Law. This gesture epitomised the enduring bond between the Chinese Consulate and LUMS, symbolising mutual support and collaboration.

Preparatory HSK2 Course for Chinese Bridge Summer Camp

CCLS presented an exculsive chance to students, facilitating their participation in the Chinese Bridge Summer Camp organised by Jiangxi University of Science & Technology (JXUST) in China, to be held in July 2024. With a requirement to attain proficiency in HSK2 for this camp, CCLS has offered preparatory classes to students to ensure their participation.

Students will have a unique opportunity at this camp to explore the rich tapestry of Chinese culture, enriching their understanding while immersing themselves in this educational journey.

Fostering Academic Dialogue

CCLS has played a pivotal role in fostering academic dialogue and understanding among students by organising insightful sessions aimed at broadening perspectives and enhancing knowledge. The inaugural session of the CCLS Talk Series featured Dr. Humayun Bashir, a distinguished physician in Nuclear Medicine, who shared his expertise on ‘Globalisation of Healthcare Technology and China - A Physician's Perspective’. Dr. Bashir highlighted China's significant contributions to global healthcare technology, showcasing breakthroughs like PET-CT scans and innovative solutions by Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare.

Furthermore, a seminar titled ‘Celebrating 11 years of CPEC: Connecting Nations, Building Futures’ marked the 11th anniversary of CPEC. Esteemed speakers, including Dr. Hassan Butt, Former CEO, KP BOIT; Dr. Safdar Ali Shah, Director General CPEC HEC, and Dr. Sikandar Shah, discussed the socioeconomic impacts of CPEC projects on Pakistan and the academic collaborations between Chinese and Pakistani universities. Discussions also addressed future CPEC projects such as the Arabian Sea CAREC corridor and Gwadar's development plans, signalling a promising trajectory for CPEC.

This academic year, CCLS has also offered credited courses like ‘China and Global Governance’ taught by Ambassador Syed Hassan Raza, and Mandarin Chinese language courses by Professor Hui Qi, providing valuable insights into global affairs and language proficiency.

Establishing Partnership and Collaboration

CCLS has significantly forged ties with the Lahore Overseas Chinese Association (LOCA) through its active participation in various events over time. On the eve of the Chinese New Year, a collaborative inaugural ceremony brought together CCLS, Chinese International Academy Lahore (CIAL), LOCA, and key stakeholders to celebrate the enduring partnership between Pakistan and China. Additionally, CCLS joined members of the Chinese community to celebrate the Dumpling Festival at the Lahore Overseas Chinese Association (LOCA).

Furthermore, CCLS also attended the 10th anniversary celebration of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), an event organised by the China Business Council where Dr. Sikander Shah emphasised CCLS’s role as a bridge between Pakistani governance and Chinese enterprises, striving to minimise legal barriers and maximise opportunities through ongoing collaboration and knowledge exchange.

CCLS also reached a remarkable milestone by signing two significant MoUs with CIAL and JXUST for cross-border exchange in language and culture. These agreements mark a crucial step forward in promoting cultural exchange and academic collaboration between the institutions.

Additionally, CCLS has also engaged with other Chinese study centres in Islamabad to foster collaboration and exchange of ideas. This initiative aimed to strengthen academic networks and deepen understanding of Chinese language, culture, and legal studies.

Engagement with the Chinese Community

The Centre for Chinese Legal Studies played a dynamic role at the Sports Carnival '24, LUMS, launching the ‘East Meets Quest’ gaming stall with short minute-to-win-it games. This initiative combined entertainment and education, attracting students from various academic institutes nationwide. Attendees engaged in interactive games, fostering discussions on Chinese Legal Studies and promoting awareness of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Furthermore, our students were given an exclusive opportunity to join the celebrations hosted by CIAL on International Women's Day. From calligraphy to authentic Chinese tea rituals, there were activities for all to participate in and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. This event provided a unique cultural experience for our students, fostering a deeper understanding of Chinese traditions and customs.