Centre for Urban Informatics, Technology, and Policy

The Centre for Urban Informatics, Technology and Policy (CITY) at LUMS is a hub for urban innovation. We leverage a multidisciplinary approach that integrates data-driven insights, technology, and strategic partnerships to empower the development of climate-resilient cities. Our mission is to drive urban prosperity and sustainable development through cutting-edge solutions.

High-Level Engagement

Presentation to Chief Minister Punjab

CITY presented its AI-driven waste collection optimisation project to the Chief Minister, highlighting its potential to revolutionise urban services across the province.

Feature in Voice of America

In October 2023, CITY collaborated with Lahore Waste Management Company to plan solid waste collection routes. Our work was highlighted by Voice of America on their View360 programme, marking international recognition for our efforts.

The Dictionary of Urban Planning Terms

CITY at LUMS launched ‘The Dictionary of Urban Planning Terms’, a series of user-friendly infographics simplifying common urban planning concepts for broader understanding and engagement.

Strategic Achievements

AI-Powered Waste Collection

CITY created an AI system for better waste collection routes in Gulberg Town, Lahore, yielding notable efficiency gains. Inspired by this success, CITY is now crafting a city-wide route optimisation tool to enhance waste management across Lahore.

Automatic Parking Counts

With the Automated Parking Counts tool, Intelligent Parking Solution (IPS) launched in 2023, CITY has yet again leveraged technology to make the parking experience hassle-free. The tool detects available parking spaces and counts parked vehicles, making parking efficient and effortless.

CITY's Automated People Counting Tool in Action

CITY introduced People Count, an innovative tool for urban management. Tested at Lahore Science Mela in December 2023, it analysed crowd dynamics for smarter planning. This tool offers real-time monitoring of crowd density, aiding effective overcrowding management and dynamic resource allocation.

Green Space Detection through Machine Learning

CITY developed a machine learning model to study the impact of rapid urbanisation on green spaces in sector F7, Islamabad. Using instance segmentation on high-resolution satellite images, the model revealed a significant decrease in green areas over the past decade, with a maximum reduction of 33%. This underscores the importance of remote sensing and AI-driven machine learning in promoting sustainable urban development. Fatima Naweed led the research, with contributions from undergraduate researchers Nawaal Siddique and Mohtashim Butt.

Solar Panel Detection

CITY utilises satellite imagery to identify the location and extent of solar panel installations. This data empowers informed decision-making for promoting sustainable energy solutions.

Collaborative Impact

City Pulse Partnership

In March 2024, CITY signed an MOU with City Pulse (Pvt) Ltd., embarking on an innovative journey.

Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) Partnership

CITY signed an MOU with LWMC for the development of Dashboard Design for Digital Route Optimisation of compactors/containers for Lahore.


Some of CITY’s other partners include:

Major Workshops and Seminars

CITY champions sustainable urban development through workshops and events. We partner with experts to equip stakeholders with data-driven tools for road safety and waste management, foster dialogue on climate change solutions, and promote urban resilience.

  • Word Habitat Day
  • Data Driven Urban Resilience in Pakistan
  • GIS-based Tools for Resource Allocation and Route Planning of Waste Collection Vehicles
  • Participation in World Town Planning Day in collaboration with Sheharsaz
  • Capacity Training Workshop for Punjab Emergency Services Department
  • Big Question on Climate hange
  • AI and Data Science for City Management