LUMS Learning Institute

The LUMS Learning Institute (LLI) is a development centre at LUMS, dedicated to enhancing teaching, learning, and career progression within the higher education sector– for faculty, staff, and students alike. Over the last four years, it has distinguished itself by offering a wide range of developmental programmes that have significantly impacted learning and development – both within and outside of LUMS.


Faculty Support

At its core, it empowers LUMS faculty with cutting-edge pedagogical strategies, through the Faculty Certificate of Teaching and Learning (FCTL). Nine faculty members and two PhD students from across LUMS have completed the FCTL this year, bringing the total number of FCTL graduates to 25.

LLI also collaborates with faculty members to create discipline-specific learning experiences in areas such as Economics, Law, Business, Languages, and Data Science, which have contributed to enriching the academic environment at LUMS.

Student Support

LLI also plays a vital role in empowering students with lifelong skills that may enable them to become effective learners as well as resourceful professionals of the future. Students are involved in pedagogical partnerships, contributing to improving course content, delivery, and assessment tool development with formal training and guidance from the LLI team. Its student partners have successfully completed over 10 partnerships this year, working in close consultation with their faculty partners. Additionally, it had over 20 student partners in the course of this academic year, supporting all its verticals.

LLI has always been a strong guide and advocate for the TAs at LUMS, having developed a guidebook, conducting online webinars, and panel discussions for their support. Through its initiatives, it aims to acknowledge their significant contributions to the smooth flow of academic activities at LUMS. This year, LUMSx and LLI joined hands in designing the TA Development Programme, an online asynchronous course to empower teaching assistants to support their faculty and peers effectively.

Tech-Enhanced Learning

LLI has recognised the growing need to inculcate technology in all areas of teaching and learning as well as professional development. It offers support in dealing with large classes using technology and utlising the ‘Flipped Classroom’ model to engage learners and increase learning impact.

In addition to pedagogical support, the LLI team and faculty partner, Dr. Agha Ali Raza, have worked closely to develop specialised training programmes in various generative AI tools for a diverse audience including faculty, staff, and students. These training courses are designed to meet specific needs, such as course and assessment design for faculty, productivity enhancement for professionals, and AI interventions tailored for developers and data scientists.

Strategic Initiatives

Teaching & Learning

The quality and impact of LLI’s offerings have earned it recognition not only within LUMS but also among audiences beyond borders. Under its Signature Pedagogy Series, it has trained 60 higher education faculty members from across Pakistan to design and deliver data science courses. Over 300 professionals from various fields, including academic advising, marketing, web development, and data analysis, have enhanced their productivity through its AI Tools Workshops. Additionally, within a period of one year, over 30 educators and trainers have refined their teaching and training methods.


LLI’s focus this year has been to harbour impactful partnerships within and beyond LUMS. LLI, along with Dr. Shaper Mirza and the Life Sciences department team, has facilitated MoU signings with Health Services Academy, Islamabad, as well as the Shalamar Medical and Dental College Lahore, to offer professional development initiatives to the medical professionals, including the Certificate of Health Professions Education and the Diploma in Healthcare Ethics and Professionalism.

Impact Beyond Borders

The Institute’s impact and reach beyond LUMS are also demonstrated through the Gilgit STEM-Inspirer Bootcamp. Led by LUMS students trained by LLI, it inspired over 1,500 students across Gilgit-Baltistan to explore STEM fields through practical, contextually designed courses such as Design Thinking, Data Science, Web Development, Renewable Energy, Math Circles, Machine Learning, Circuit Design, Engineering Drawing, and Robotics. The student instructors also mentored high school students in their respective districts and offered one-on-one career counseling.