Rausing Executive Development Centre

Housed under the Suleman Dawood School of Business, the Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) has stood as a leader in crafting learning and development solutions. The year showcased REDC's commitment to meeting market demands and industries’ requirements with more than 75 open enrolment and customised programmes.These inititatives attracted more than 2,400 executives, including over 400 C-suite level leaders from diversified industries.

Expanding Horizons: New Programmes and Geographical Reach

This year, the Centre introduced multiple new programmes in the Open Enrolment and Custom Programme Portfolio, including Transforming Customer Experiences, Digital Transformation, Authentic Leadership, Franchising for Growth, and Navigating Organisational Power and Politics. Geographical expansion focused on Karachi has seen multiple flagship open enrolments and customised programmes offered, with plans to double this reach in the coming years.

Augmenting the programmes with flexible hybrid models and innovative themes further enriched the advantages of face-to-face teaching with the convenience of live online sessions. This approach allowed organisations and executives worldwide to access premium educational resources remotely, providing both reach and adaptability.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

REDC's dedication to diversity and inclusion remains strong, highlighted by impactful initiatives that developed/supported female executives at middle and senior management levels. In collaboration with a prominent digital services company, the Centre has strengthened efforts to boost women's involvement in management, leadership, and governance through specialised programmes. This is complemented by women scholarships on the Centre's flagship 'Enhancing Board Effectiveness – Directors Training Programme', aimed at preparing women for board-level positions to have a significant representation and impact on organisational board-level decisions.

Advancements in Learning Experience and Pedagogy

REDC is committed to revolutionising the learning experience through the integration of digital tools and innovative pedagogical strategies. Looking ahead, REDC is keen to explore AI and metaverse-driven personalised learning experiences to further enhance accessibility, engagement, and overall enrichment of the learning journey. To date, the Centre has developed 61 cases and notes, with an additional 21 lined up for release next year. The Centre envisions becoming a partner of choice for change initiatives to empower local organisations with AI-enabled business models and insights necessary for global cultural agility and presence.

Strategic Collaborations and Recognitions

This year, REDC has established important new partnerships and received accolades for its Custom Certificate Programmes. The Centre has intensified its efforts to create a nationwide societal impact through strategic collaborations with a prominent social sector entity and various public sector organisations.

Additionally, REDC has strengthened its relationships with the Armed Forces and the Energy Sector, offering tailored programmes aimed at tackling key challenges in supply chain excellence, leadership, general management, organisational transformation, and growth.