Office of the Provost

Message from the Provost

I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to everyone for a remarkably successful and productive academic year at LUMS. Alongside, I would like to express my gratitude to the editors of the LUMS Academic Report 2023-24 for their efforts in compiling and highlighting the wonderful achievements of our institution. It is truly inspiring and heartening to witness the academic accomplishments of our five schools, supported by the diligent efforts of both the administrative and academic support departments.

The Office of the Provost endeavours to strengthen schools, centres, and academic support offices to cultivate an academic culture of excellence where students, faculty and staff can attain their full potential. This includes supporting research initiatives that address a spectrum of both nationally relevant and pressing global issues through our Office of Research.

Our academic support offices have exhibited outstanding dedication and are the silent heroes behind the University’s success. The Office of Admissions has once again completed a successful admissions cycle, bringing a cohort of exceptionally bright and talented students to LUMS in over 40 programmes across five schools. The Office of the Registrar (RO) ensures that the University adheres to the academic calendar like clockwork. This year, LUMS will be holding its 37th Convocation, in as many years – a truly remarkable and proud accomplishment for any institution in the global south. The Office of Programme Enhancement (OPE) continues its excellent quality assurance work with the Higher Education Commission, accreditation organisations, and international ranking bodies. At the heart of a university is the student experience, and the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) has taken commendable steps to enhance student experience and promote better community engagement among students, staff, and faculty through the Sports and Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) office. Additionally, the Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) department has worked tirelessly for improving mental health services for students.

All of this needs to be supported in a sustainable manner in an atmosphere of continued stagflation. The Office of the Provost has worked in close collaboration with Finance and Accounts to reorganise the university budget model. This is a multiyear project and one of the key ongoing tasks is to build an assessment and impact framework for all university programmes to ensure sustainability.

Our schools and academic support offices have exemplified dedication and professionalism in the pursuit of our collective goals. Together, we have made significant strides in advancing the University’s academic mission and empowering our students to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Dr. Tariq Jadoon
Provost, LUMS


Faculty Handbook 2024-25

The Office of the Provost is excited to announce the successful completion of an updated Faculty Handbook, marking the first comprehensive revision since 2018. We have consolidated all pertinent information and integrated essential updates to reflect our evolving organisational structure. This updated version of the handbook has been enhanced with added links to resources, policies, and contact information, ensuring easy access to essential resources for our faculty colleagues. From policies to important details tailored specifically for faculty, this consolidation aims to simplify navigation through our academic environment, providing a seamless and enriching experience for faculty.

Additionally, the Office is making concerted effort in the updating and refining processes as well as data consolidation pertaining to faculty hiring, retention, and statistics.

New Faculty Orientation

The Office welcomed the new faculty at the Faculty Orientation 2023, ensuring a smooth transition of the inductees into their roles. Essential information about faculty policies and introductions to various academic support offices was shared at the session. Informative sessions led by the Human Resources Department, Information Systems and Technology, the Registrar’s Office, the Office of Academic Advising, and the Office of Accessibility and Inclusion were part of the event.