Office of the Vice Chancellor

The Office of the Vice Chancellor at LUMS plays a pivotal role in guiding strategic stakeholder engagement across the university. Over the past year, the Office has facilitated high-level interactions with industry leaders, donors, and policymakers, while also overseeing the university's internal operations and strategic planning processes. It collaborates with various governance bodies to advance the university’s mission of academic excellence, operational efficiency, and community engagement.


Board of Trustees

In December 2023, the Board of Trustees convened at LUMS to discuss key areas such as policy influence, donor-driven funding, and aligning university priorities with local needs. Pro Chancellor Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood emphasised policy influence, and Founding Pro Chancellor Syed Babar Ali highlighted the need for endowment funds and annual financial support from the private sector. Deans presented significant advancements from their respective schools, and breakout sessions focused on enhancing governance, industry connections, and addressing food security and human development challenges. These discussions were pivotal in shaping the university’s strategic agenda and ensuring sustainable growth.

The Management Committee

The Management Committee (MC), a subset of the Board of Trustees, oversees strategic and capital projects at LUMS. It plays a crucial role in policy decisions and appointing key academic and administrative posts. The MC also hosts Advisory Boards, providing valuable feedback to the schools. Over the past year, the MC has advanced the university's strategic plan, ensured effective implementation, and supported deans, directors, and department heads.

University Advisory Board (UAB)

The University Advisory Board (UAB) at LUMS convenes distinguished global leaders to discuss academic and administrative strategies. Chaired by Ms. Leah Rosovsky, Director of the Stanford Calderwood Boston Athenaeum, the 6th UAB meeting in May 2024 included prominent members like Dr. David Wilkinson from McMaster University; Dr. Denise Chalmers from the University of Western Australia; Dr. Philip Altbach from Boston College; Dr. Mehmood Khan from the University of Oxford; and Dr. Baris Tan from Özyeğin University.

Vice Chancellor’s Council

The Vice Chancellor's Council, comprising the Vice Chancellor, Provost, and six Deans, drives strategic planning at LUMS. It addresses key issues and sets institutional priorities, initiating projects to enhance student well-being, campus health, collaborative opportunities with the Federal Government, and the core curriculum. These efforts enrich the academic and student experience, reinforcing the university’s mission.

Vice Chancellor’s Administrative Council

The Vice Chancellor’s Administrative Council guides central university operations, policies, and events. Led by the VC, it includes senior directors from departments like Advancement, General Administration, Finance, Information Systems and Technology, Human Resources, and Internal Audit. Over the past year, the Council streamlined operations and managed university resources effectively.

University Council

The University Council embodies collaborative governance at LUMS, with elected faculty, student council leaders, deans, and senior administrators. Chaired by the Vice Chancellor, it addresses university policies, programme introductions, career development, campus dynamics, the code of conduct, and gender equity. Evaluating cost-saving measures and enhancing governance and operational efficiency were key achievements in the past year.